RSVP Volunteer Appreciation Day 2021

Hybrid (VIPs and award recipients at actual event venue and participants joining in virtually)

Zoom and Facebook Live

RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers

Date of Event:
9 March 2021

Estimated Guest Attendance:
350 pax

Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law

RSVP Singapore’s Volunteer Appreciation Day (VAD) is commemorated annually to celebrate the dedicated spirit of our senior volunteers here. Amidst the pandemic, the organisation expresses their gratitude towards the volunteers for their selfless contributions, through a hybrid-style event for the first-time ever. Our senior volunteers were awarded with achievements such as “Volunteer of the Year”, whilst enjoying a fruitful afternoon of performances, games and virtual lucky draw. As seen from the photos, the theme of the event is “Hawaiian Holiday”.

Services Rendered:
– Management of live stream programme (Playing of videos, Toggling holding slides, Virtual game sessions, Virtual Lucky Draw, Award Ceremony etc.)
– Adaptation of event theme for live stream overlay design
– Provision of live stream, audio, video and lighting equipment with technicians
– Engagement of emcee and script writing services

To view a recording of the live stream, please click