National Heritage Board (NHB)

Date of Event:
22 & 23 May 2021

Short Intro:
The Changi Chapel and Museum (CCM) features collection of paintings, photographs and artefacts donated by former POWs during Japanese Occupation in World War II. As part of the National Museum of Singapore (NMS), CCM has been collecting stories and personal objects from families of former POWs that could potentially provide contents with engaging composition to disclose the narrative of the former detainees in Changi Prison Camp. With these stories, visitors will be able to resonate the hardships, the courage of resilience that the detainees underwent.

The newly refurbished CCM unveiled with a new look in May 2021 while retaining the iconic replica St.George’s Church that was built by Australian prisoners of war
(POW)s in 1944 during their internment. The opening weekend 22nd and 23rd May 2021 featured an orchestral recording of The Happiness Box at
the outdoor area
in front of Changi Chapel. With the musical adaption performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and narrated by voice actor Stephen Curry. Visitors were engaged with the experience of wonder, trepidation and delight of the story that was originally written in 1942 for children who were interned in Changi Prison, by Australian POW David Griffin and Illustrated by fellow POW Leslie Greener.

Service Rendered:
- Provision of A/V Equipment
- Logistics Management (Rental of Tentage, Generator, Air Coolers)

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