Heritage x Sustainable Redevelopment Symposium

National Heritage Board (NHB)

Date of Event:
18 & 19 November 2022

Day 1: Zoom
Day 2: URA Centre, Function Hall

Estimated Attendance:
Approx. 300 pax online and in-person


Facing a projected rise of sea levels and temperature as well as an increasing rate of social-economic change, it has become critically important for Singapore to explore how considerations for environmental and cultural sustainability can be worked into various facets of our daily lives. Coupled with Singapore’s ever-intensifying land scarcity and the speed and frequency of urban redevelopment, new ways of thinking about the future needs to come into play. Though often left out of the conversation, heritage has a part to play in this endeavour. 

This symposium will cover a range of different aspects regarding sustainable redevelopment, including carbon considerations in the retrofitting of built heritage and the operation of world heritage sites, the incorporation of sustainability measures into heritage conservation, and the role of intangible cultural heritage in urban redevelopment. 


Services Rendered:

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