2021 Southeast Asian Collaborative Meeting on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage


Zoom, YouTube Live and Facebook Live

National Heritage Board (NHB)

Date of Event: 
30 & 31 August 2021

Estimated Attendance: 


The 2021 Southeast Asian Collaborative Meeting on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage, jointly organised by National Heritage Board and UNESCO(ICHCAP), is a 2-day symposium that explores the various ways to encourage youths to become more active advocates and adopters of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), and the continued relevance of ICH to younger generations. Speakers from 8 different countries come together to discuss topics such as harnessing youth potential in performing arts and craft and how technology and the digital medium can be used in safeguarding and promoting ICH. The event serves as a meaningful opportunity for like-minded individuals and groups to engage in dialogue about the roles that youths can play in safeguarding ICH and rediscover the value of ICH despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Service Rendered:

  • Setup of Zoom Webinar sessions with pre-event registration, simultaneous translation (KOR-ENG-KOR) 
  • Execution of rehearsals for client, local and international speakers (i.e., technical aspects, flow of event)
  • Provision of Overall Thematic Design for Symposium and Design Conceptualisation Services (Eg, Zoom Virtual Backdrop, Holding Slides, Electronic Digital Mailer)
  • Programming of event microsite
  • Script writing services
  • Live Chat Technical Support on Event Days
  • Live Show Management (i.e., Playing of Pre-Recorded Video, Displaying Holding Slides, Setup and Management of Pigeonhole)